Oracal Vinyl Sticker (Matte) - 3 Colors
Oracal Vinyl Sticker (Matte) - 3 Colors Oracal 651 Vinyl Stickers Stiker Luaran & Dalaman /  Bahan Bahan Sabah & Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Malaysia, Selangor Supply, Supplier, Printing | Heat Press Mart Sdn Bhd

Oracal 651 Series Vinyl Sticker Glossy Color, Genuine Product - Made in Germany.
Can Used on Various outdoors purposes such as Car & Motor Body Wrapping, Car Decals, Lettering & Decorations (Used On Signboard & Glass Door), Short & Medium Term Decorations. 
Can be Cut into Various Designs by using plotter like Cameo Silhouette plotter, Jinka Plotter, Graphtec plotter , etc.
Outdoor Durability: 5 Years
Width: 1.26 meter
Thickness: PVC Film (70 Micron)
Available Colors & Surface:
Glossy: Black, Red, Azure Blue
* If you need other Colors Vinyl, please contact our salesperson and give them the Code and Name of Color.

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